in my perspective: 5 Reason Why You Shouldn't be a Homo

First, I would like to give you a warning. This is just a personal thought. I certainly don't ask you to have the same opinion as I am. Some are jokes, but not all of it. But yes, you can think this whole post is a joke. I don't want to be judged as homophobia or racist or something.

Here we go...

After a while, I decided to write this post. It's been half year or less since I have the idea of this post but I was too afraid to write it. I don't know. For some people, surely this is not a joke matter, right? But then again, I thought, "This is my blog, i can write anything what i want." So... Voila!

These are 5 reasons why you shouldn't be homo (specifically gay because I am a girl)

1. God creates Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
atau "Tuhan menciptakan Adam dan Hawa, bukan Adam dan Bambang" special thanks to Almer who made such a genius quote!

2. Most religions (at least mine) forbid it
I once heard a story where a town was tormented because the people were... gays? I don't know for sure, Sodom if I'm not mistaken? please correct me if I'm wrong...

3. The more gays in this world, the more single and desperate women, and it can make more lesbians in this world
Most of gays I know are super handsome. It really broke my heart. I mean.... why those handsome guys have to like each other? spare some love to single women, please?
Do I really have to make the graphic of this statement?

4. You can get sex diseases
I did some research about this. I read biology books and I googled and found several articles about sex diseases caused by being gay. for example Epididymitis which is caused by E. coli. You do know where E. coli should belong, right?
click here to know more about some of sex diseases.

5. It is human nature to reproduce, and by being a gay (yes, lesbian too) you can't have children. yes, i'm talking about in normal way
God creates this strange feeling called love, so humans attract each other, and can have relationship with the opposite gender, having kids and continue the generation of human race, right?

note: don't kill me for making this post. please, just... don't ._.

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